Murder, theft, and other crimes in rp

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Murder, theft, and other crimes in rp

Post by Admin on Wed May 18, 2016 12:51 pm

The server has no claiming plugin for a reason. There are several guidelines to follow for crimes, to make roleplay more realistic.

1. The crime must have a reason fitting in rp, not just random. If you commit a theft, you cannot have done it just because you can. You must be ready to explain to me or an admin the reason for the crime.
2. If you have had a crime committed against you, and believe there is no reason, an admin will help you.
3. Minor crimes are murder, theft, minor griefing, and other crimes that are committed in real life.
4. Minor griefing is some amount of breaking or messing with someone's property. Any major damage, griefing for the blocks, or water, animal, or types of grief other than breaking are also illegal.
5. Any larger attacks against a city or nation will be covered in a different guide.


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