Ethan's Plugin Suggestions!

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Ethan's Plugin Suggestions!

Post by Crazyethan on Wed May 18, 2016 1:26 pm

** MANY OF THESE PLUGINS REQUIRE VAULT! It's an economy based plugin with hooks for many types of things, like chestshops! **

Number one, Herochat!
Herochat is a plugin with chat channels, you can color code them, make them only hearable within X blocks, and such on!

Number two, Essentials!
It's essential to have essentials, when downloading them I suggest only using the Essentials main jar, as the rest of the plugins aren't very good.

Number three, Pixelator!
Pixelator allows you to have maps with images on them! It can't be abused as permissions allow only certain people to use it.

Number four, LWC!
This plugin lets you lock chests, and it's great for towns where people can easily get in each-others stuff.

Number five, ChestShop!
This plugin allows other players to sell items, with hooks into vault and essentials it's easy to use and has no real config needed!

Number six, NoCheatPlus!
Does what the name says, stops players from cheating at all! It's great for servers!

Number seven, PerfectBackup!
If someone gets access to your server, this plugin takes a backup every 4 hours just in case! Great for any occasion, especially reverting back to old map saves.

Number eight, ThatOneSpawnPlugin!
This allows you to set spawn, what else could you need? Although the plugin is marked abandoned it's in working order.

Number nine, VPNGuard!
This plugin lets you stop players from using a VPN to connect to your server. It helps with hackers having alternate accounts when you IP ban them!

Finally, number ten, WorldGuard!
This plugin lets you PROTECT areas so others can't grief or edit them! It's great!

If you need help configuring these plugins hit me up on skype.

Pastebin for the plugin list:


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